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Among car performance enthusiasts, mention of the Shelby name brings about a lot of excitement, and for good reason. The legendary design and engineering of models with the Shelby name attached make them favorites of many drivers, and we're proud to help car shoppers all around the Midwest recognize and fulfill their dream of owning one of these unparalleled cars. We're an authorized dealer for Superformance and Shelby parts and products, so drivers can trust our team to turn their lifelong dream of owning a Shelby model into a reality.  Feel free to call if you have questions about how we can help you and read on to learn more about our inventory and what makes these models so renowned!

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History and Reputation of Shelby Cars

Building cars that dominate on the track requires a designer that did the same, and Carroll Shelby, the founder of Shelby American, was one of America's most successful race car drivers. Before he started designing cars for the track, he was named Sports Illustrated's Driver of the Year in 1956 and 1957, but the peak of his career was when he won the 1959 24 Hours of Le Mans race. He retired from racing after this win, but his zeal for high-performance cars never stopped.

Shelby started his life as a performance car constructor with the Shelby Cobra, which placed a Ford V8 engine in the AC Cobra, a racing car of a British motor company. This partnership with Ford lasted for several years and gave birth to some of the most iconic sports cars, like the GT40 and Daytona Coupe, of the past 50 years. These models helped Shelby to grow his reputation as a creator of some of the best performing cars on the market, and it led to work with other auto manufacturers like Dodge and Oldsmobile.

Though Carroll Shelby died in 2012, his legacy lives on, and his achievements speak for themselves. His Shelby American racing teams took first and second place at the 1966 Le Mans endurance race with each driving a Ford GT40 MK II model that he tuned and designed. The legend of the Shelby Cobra is another testament to Carroll Shelby's ingenuity as he was one of the first to think to put a powerful V8 engine from an American company into a lightweight European sports car. Performance enthusiasts all over know of Shelby's legacy, and his ideas and influences are still seen in sports cars today, which is why we're so happy to be one of the few dealers in the Midwest that continue to sell and manufacture Shelby models!

Custom Order a Shelby Car from Us

Part of the legacy of the Shelby name and the models that carried it comes from the rarity of such models, but you can custom order many of the most famous Shelby models, from the MK II Slab Side to the Daytona Coupe, from us. We have an affiliation with the only company with Shelby licensing, and our specially trained mechanics love creating these classics as much as you'll enjoy driving them. These aren't kits either as we use all-new custom-built components that ensure you're driving around in some of the most unique vehicles on the road today!

Our Inventory of Shelby Models

You're unlikely to find a Shelby model at your local car dealership, unless, of course, we're your local dealership. Our Shelby inventory includes a variety of different types of the various models that sport the Shelby name and badge. We've had classics crafted by Carroll Shelby himself, which don't hit the market often, newer builds of older models that our team of specialist mechanics undertook, and older builds we've done. When you're looking for authentic versions of the best performing supercars, our Shelby inventory is the place to look. Some examples of models that we've built and have appeared in our inventory include:

Shelby GT40 50th Anniversary

The Shelby GT40 was a legend from its creation as it outpaced all other cars in its first year in Le Mans, 1966, and Shelby American honored the model with a limited run during the 50th anniversary of its first appearance on the track. This special edition stays true to the original car that became an icon as the new model comes with the same dimensions and it uses the original style steel unibody chassis. In fact, this model is so similar to the original that over two-thirds of the parts of the continuation are interchangeable with those in the original.

Shelby Cobra Roadster

This icon of American muscle car history has the accolades that speak for themselves. In 1999, Motor Trend named the first-ever Cobra the most significant car of the last 50 years. It was the first American-made model to be an FIA World Champion. It is the definition of iconic, and we're proud to help those interested in it realize their dream of owning one of the most sought-after vehicles in history.

Shelby Daytona Coupe

When Carroll Shelby needed a model to compete on European racetracks against Ferrari race teams, the Shelby Daytona Coupe was the design that came out of it all. It took lots of notes from the success of the Cobra Roadster, and with that, earned success for itself on the racetrack. You'll find both fiberglass and aluminum configurations of this racing legend, but both stand out thanks to the athletic profile and, of course, the performance.


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Why Come to Us?

We are an authorized dealer for Superformance, which is the only company with the licensing rights for selling Shelby parts and crafting Shelby muscle cars. This special agreement means that we're one of the few dealers in the Midwest for enthusiasts to find an authentic driving experience of some of the most famous American cars in history. These aren't kits we're crafting but models fully manufactured at our dealership in Mansfield, which gives owners of our models several benefits. For example, if you should decide to sell a model we make for you, you'll find that Superformance continuations have the highest resale values. It's perks like these and over 25 years of production that has led to many satisfied customers that can finally enjoy the legendary models they've always coveted.

Contact Us If You Have Any Questions About Our Classic Shelby Cars and Other Offers!

We know that there are drivers all around the Midwest U.S. that have dreamed of driving a Shelby classic since a poster of one was hanging in their bedroom, and we love making those dreams come true. Our team is knowledgeable and friendly, so you can talk with them for hours about everything cars, they can help you along your search for a car icon, and you can feel confident in the quality of the car we're making. We realize that driving to our dealership to ask a few questions isn't possible for all of our customers, so if you call or email, we'll get back to you with answers without you having to travel here. We hope you reach out to us soon!


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