How Much Money a Car Costs During Ownership is Fluid

Buying a vehicle costs a lot of money. Of course, how much money a car costs may depend on a number of factors. Whether or not a car is new or used is one of the things that may affect how much a car costs. The automaker and model serve as additional factors that may determine how much a car costs. Car buyers may want to consider those and other relevant factors, such as total cost of ownership, when buying a car.

Total cost of ownership is how much a vehicle may cost for the duration of ownership.

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Dashboard Warning Lights are Crucial for Proper Vehicle Care

Dashboard warning lights are for the protection, safety, and maintenance of the vehicle. Ignoring these lights can easily lead to damage to the vehicle and extensive repair bills. These lights represent your car’s way of asking for help. We are here to help you decipher what the most common lights mean.

The Brake System light has three possibilities. The parking brake is on, there is an ABS issue with your vehicle, or the brake fluid is low. These possibilities should be checked immediately, and if the light remains on, the vehicle should be taken to Mansfield Motor Group for…

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Why Drive An SUV Over The Rest?

Have you finally settled on an SUV and you plan on buying it, but you still find that you have other options like crossovers? Our sales representatives at Mansfield Motor Group are focused on providing a broad range of SUVs that are sure to be worth the money. Plus, with the following advantages at your disposal, you'll be able to get more excitement from your Mansfield, OH commute!

  • Their extra seating feature is a huge advantage especially if you are somebody who loves traveling with company. Some have a capacity of up to nine passengers like the Chevy Suburban…
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Keep Safe on the Road. Keep Your Brakes in Good Shape.

When brakes work fine, they keep people safe. When they don't? Things can go poorly. It's important to keep your brakes in working shape. The key to well-working brakes? Regular maintenance. While it can be tempting to put it off, the moment you notice a problem is the moment you should be scheduling a maintenance appointment.

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2018's New Lincoln Navigator: Big Benefits from a Big SUV

A lot of cars are trending smaller these days. There's nothing wrong with that if that's the kind of car you want. If you want something bigger, however, it's nice to have options to choose from. Options like the Lincoln Navigator.

The 2017 Lincoln Navigator impressed drivers all over the United States with its huge design and accompanying roomy interior. The 2018 Lincoln Navigator is on its way, and is aiming to be even bigger.

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Cool Off the Car with These Simple Steps

Parking your car outside in the summer all but guarantees a swelteringly hot cabin and impossibly hot surfaces just waiting to burn your hands at every turn. Well, we here at Mansfield Motor Group have had enough of it and want to share some car-cooling tips with you! Say bye-bye to burned hands.

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Servicing Your Vehicle On a Regular Schedule

Every vehicle owner knows that, eventually, they will need to bring their vehicle in for service. Generally it will be for minor service, like an oil change. However, these smaller, more routine services are vital to ensuring that your vehicle continues to run smoothly.

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A Plethora of High-Quality Used Vehicles Available for Purchase

We are proud to have a wide array of vehicles available for purchase, here at Mansfield Motor Group. Not only does this offer drivers an expansive selection of vehicles to choose from, it also means that we are able to assist you with honing in on a specific automotive option that suits your needs.

This includes our selection of pre-owned vehicles.

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