Keep Condensation Down with a Full Tank of Gas

The winter months can wreak havoc on your vehicle. With temperature extremes that go from above freezing to below zero in a single day, it's important to know how to protect your vehicle. At Mansfield Motor Group, we recommend keeping your tank as full as possible during the winter months to reduce condensation.

Condensation is moisture that develops in your gas tank when the tank isn't full. The emptier your gas tank is, the more condensation can develop. Once condensation takes hold, it can seep into your gas. While gas alone doesn't freeze, gas with water in it does. If you have water in your gas and this goes into your gas lines, you can have a giant, frozen mess on your hands.

Don't get caught this winter with a vehicle that has frozen gas lines. Take the time to fill up your tank at every opportunity, and you won't be left stranded in the Mansfield, OH area!

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