Is Your Car Drifting from One Side or The Other?

Do you feel your car pulling from one side or the other while you are driving? Have you noticed uneven wear on your tires? This is a sign that the alignment of your vehicle is off and needs to be corrected.

Rough road conditions can result in more than just an uncomfortable ride. Over time, it can cause the alignment of your tires to be thrown off. The result of improper alignment can be a decrease in fuel efficiency, more difficult handling, and an uneven accelerated wearing of your vehicle's tires. This will cause you to spend money that you didn't have to if not addressed early.

You should have your vehicle's alignment checked and corrected on a regular, ongoing basis. This will keep you driving on the straight and narrow. Please come see us with maintenance and service needs. We are knowledgeable and equipped and conveniently located in our service center at Mansfield Motor Group.

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