Dashboard Warning Lights are Crucial for Proper Vehicle Care

Dashboard warning lights are for the protection, safety, and maintenance of the vehicle. Ignoring these lights can easily lead to damage to the vehicle and extensive repair bills. These lights represent your car’s way of asking for help. We are here to help you decipher what the most common lights mean.

The Brake System light has three possibilities. The parking brake is on, there is an ABS issue with your vehicle, or the brake fluid is low. These possibilities should be checked immediately, and if the light remains on, the vehicle should be taken to Mansfield Motor Group for service. The Reduced Power Warning shows the power input of the engine computer is limited. This signifies a component has failed in the control system.

A professional diagnosis with a scan tool is a necessity. Warning lights are critical for the care and maintenance of the vehicle. Taking these lights seriously will lead to many more years of enjoyment in your vehicle. When you do not understand the meaning of a warning light, Mansfield Motor Group will be happy to help.

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