The Upcoming 2018 Honda Fit Adds Sporty Styling and Features to the Mix

There's a lot to love about the new Honda Fit, one of our most popular new vehicles here in Mansfield, but things are only getting better. The upcoming 2018 Honda Fit will add a new Sport trim with some welcome styling upgrades, and plenty of upgraded features and technology. Visit our Mansfield, OH Honda dealer today and find out when the new 2018 Fit will arrive so you can prepare for your first test drive.



Even if you can't wait and want to pursue the still excellent 2017 Honda Fit, you've made the right choice. This hatchback is built for fun, with all kinds of high-end tech features that come standard or can be added as options. Also making the new Fit such a great choice is the set of "magic" adjustable seats, which are easy to fold-down, recline and stow away under the floor boards to you can accommodate all kinds of cargo storage and passenger seating.

See more of your new Honda Fit options by coming over to Mansfield Motor Group today.

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