The Nissan Rogue Sport Might be the Perfect Size

It's like the Goldilocks of crossovers. Not too big like full-sized SUVs, but larger than tiny hatchbacks, and featuring the blend between both kinds of models. Of course we're talking about the new Nissan Rogue Sport, an efficient and fun little crossover that's ideal for drivers cruising around city streets and daily commuting. Press play to see the kinds of features and fun personality found in the new Rogue Sport, then head on over to our Mansfield, OH Nissan dealer today to get started.

While other options might fit better for your needs - the regular new Nissan Rogue is a great choice for a larger crossover - the new Rogue Sport is the perfect fit for the solo driver shopping on a budget. This affordable option, like many of the new vehicles you'll find here, is a great fit for younger drivers who need a fun way to get around.

Visit Mansfield Motor Group today and learn more about the fun new Nissan Rogue Sport.

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