Is it Important to Compare 4WD versus AWD?

Here at Mansfield Motor Group, we’re no stranger to difficult questions. We get them all the time, so our sales team must always be prepared. One question that we get involves a comparison between All Wheel Drive (AWD) and Four Wheel Drive (4WD) vehicles. Sure, both types of systems share many similarities, but is one system better for your adventures than the other? Let’s take a look!

What Makes a 4WD Vehicle an Excellent Option?

  • If you tend to travel through snow, mud, or rocks, a 4WD is a great option for your adventures.
  • Unlike AWD vehicles, your 4WD model generally uses the two back wheels for most of your driving experience.
  • You also can enjoy excellent control over your gears.

What Makes an AWD Vehicle a Great Option?

  • Just about every AWD vehicle tackles snow, mud, rain, rocks, and other conditions with ease.
  • AWD models also tend to pull and steer easier to make tight corners thanks to constant power distribution to the front wheels.
  • AWD-equipped vehicles also earn status as a low-maintenance and hassle-free option.

If you have pressing questions or concerns or you simply need extra advice, stop by our dealership in Mansfield, OH to chat with our sales team.

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