Getting Your Vehicle Ready for the Upcoming Road Trip

Planning now for any trouble that could go wrong with your car could make all the difference in you and your family arriving at your destination safely. Here are a few things to plan for before leaving for the upcoming journey from the Mansfield, OH area:

Be sure to pack an emergency kit in the car to help get your vehicle rolling if it becomes disabled. Things like duct tape, tools, a gas can, and engine coolant, might be all you need to get to the local service station. Take a minute and make sure the spare tire has plenty of treads. Bring a can or two of fix-a-flat so you can get a tire moving so you are not going to be disabled on the side of some dark road in the middle of nowhere.

Be sure to make some time to stop by Mansfield Motor Group so the mechanics can have a look at all the moving parts before you leave!

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