Cool Off the Car with These Simple Steps

Parking your car outside in the summer all but guarantees a swelteringly hot cabin and impossibly hot surfaces just waiting to burn your hands at every turn. Well, we here at Mansfield Motor Group have had enough of it and want to share some car-cooling tips with you! Say bye-bye to burned hands.

To get all the hot air out of your cabin, just roll down the passenger side window and "fan" the driver side door open and closed several times to push the air out. To prevent the steering wheel from reaching a trillion degrees, turn it upside down so the part you touch stays in the shade. And for that lava-esque gear shift, stretch a drink koozie over it and leave your high-temp woes behind.

Now that you know how to keep it cool, come get a new Lincoln model of your very own here at our Mansfield, OH dealership. We hope to see you soon and introduce you to the ride of a lifetime.

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