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Volvo Honored as a 2017 World's Most Ethical Company® by the Ethisphere Institute

The selection of new Volvo models that we have at our disposal have come to be beloved by the greater Mansfield area. Not only are models like the Volvo XC90 and S60 able to cater to a wide range of needs for our customers, but the brand itself is one that takes pride in the ability to go beyond the expectations of its consumers. As one of four automotive brands to be recognized as a 2017 World's Most Ethical Company® by the Episphere Institute, Volvo is committed to presenting a driver-friendly customer service experience, from the top of the…

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2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Strikes a Chord with carwow Critics

Has the full-size luxury sedan segment been calling your name? Well, if so, we here at Mansfield Motor Group are quite convinced you'll find a great deal to enjoy about ours, the 2017 Mercedes-Benz S-Class.

"Such as what?" you ask.

Check the clip below to find out; carwow personality Mat Watson is here with more on all things S-Class:

On most models, the S-Class receives a turbocharged 4.7-liter V8 engine as standard. Teaming with a nine-speed automatic transmission, this eight-banger boasts a burly 449 horsepower and 516 pound-feet of torque. Rear-wheel drive is standard, while the ...

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KBB.com Gets Hands-On with Head-Turning 2017 Mercedes-AMG® GT

If you've yet to meet the 2017 Mercedes-AMG® GT, the German automaker's latest sports-coupe sensation, we here at Mansfield Motor Group hate to be the ones to break it to you, but:

You quite likely are missing out.

Not to worry, though, as Kelley Blue Book Senior Associate Video Editor Zach Vlasuk is here to help you get up to speed. Join him in the clip below:

Though the base GT model is certainly no slouch, it nonetheless can't quite stack up to its bigger brawnier brother, the range-topping GT S.

Fitted with a turbocharged 4.0-liter…

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My check engine light is on, what’s next?

Your vehicle will begin to wear down eventually, even with routine use, and when this occurs, the first sign that something is amiss with your engine is the activation of the check engine light. While today’s vehicles are more efficient than ever, it is still important to seek routine maintenance on your car, especially when your check engine light becomes activated.

Listed below are five common problems that may be affecting your vehicle and causing your check engine light to be activated:

  • Spark plugs/plug wires
  • Head gasket blows
  • Mass airflow sensor
  • Broken hose
  • Radiator...
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Cracks and Bulges in Your Tires

While many people look at their tire tread depth regularly, it is equally important to look for cracks or bulges on the side of your tires. Normally, cracks and bulges are caused from hitting something in the road. They can also be caused by hitting potholes or the curb. Chronic under inflation can also cause this problem. Cracks or bulges can lead to dangerous blowouts, so make sure to come see our tire experts very soon if your vehicle has any.

While this problem can occur any time of year, it is especially a problem in the summer.


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The importance of keeping a vehicle maintenance schedule

It is important to understand the importance of making and keeping a vehicle maintenance schedule. Keeping a vehicle maintenance schedule is one of the best things you can do in order to ensure your vehicles health. In order to make sure your vehicle will last as long as possible, and is as safe as possible it is important to make sure certain parts are in good shape.
Routine checks can help make sure that costly repairs or dangerous malfunction is avoided. Even the most high tech cars need regular maintenance.
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Synthetic Oils Create Designer Molecules for More Precise Functionality Control

Once you distill crude oil, you can turn it into an engine fuel, lubricant or similar type of product. If you want a more precise designer lubricant, then synthetic oils are the way to go. The synthetic oil chemists can create designer molecules to add more precise functionality to your automobile engine lubricant.
You probably know what "detergents" are used for - they clean out your motor oil. There are also antioxidants and anti-wear additives. The top chemists understand which ingredients will help your motor continue to operate in different environments.
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